10Pines Open Salary System - Argentina

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Dougal Shaw:

"A software firm is taking a radical approach to how it treats employees. 10Pines tries to be transparent and democratic, even allowing staff to set each other's salaries.

Ariel Umansky decided to turn down his proposed 7% pay rise in December 2020. He felt he could not justify it in front of his colleagues. In fact it was the second time in five years that he'd declined a raise at 10Pines.

"I felt kind of insecure and exposed about me being close to or even on top of people that I considered had a better performance than me," explains Umansky. "It's easy to feel like a fraud."

Salaries are decided three times a year at the Argentinian company's "rates meeting", which includes everyone except new hires still on probation. Employees (or mentors on their behalf) can put themselves forward for a raise, which is then openly debated.

10Pines is a technology business founded in 2010 with 85 employees, based in Buenos Aires. It writes software for clients including Starbucks and Burger King, making things like online loyalty cards for customers, apps and e-commerce platforms.

Every year 50% of its profits are shared among staff." (https://www.bbc.com/news/business-56915767)