100 Point Open Source Projects

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“Dion Almaer's Being Open is Hard provides a great starting point for describing how all Dojo Foundation projects are "100-point" open source projects:

  • 0 points: Say you are open
  • 10 points: Choose an OSI license (BSD, AFL, Apache, MIT, etc.)
  • 20 points: Define the governance of the code. (Check)
    • Does one company hold all of the cards? (No)
    • Can others participate? (Yes)
    • For code, who participates? (Committers and contributors)
    • Can anyone patch? (Yes, with a CLA)
    • Can you, and if so how do you become a committer? (Yes, follow instructions for contributing patches and getting involved)
    • At the core: How are decisions made (In the Open)
  • 30 points: A reference implementation under an open source license (Check)
  • 40 points: Where does the IP stand? (Clean, open, with CLAs). Did you donate it to a foundation? (Yes) “