100 P2P Projects in the Global South

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= In analogy with the project 100 Women Who Are Co-Creating the P2P Society, this is preparatory material for a series on p2p/commons projects in the Global South. Still very preliminary.

Discussion and aims

Open questions for contributors to help frame the project:

  1. What do we mean by Global South?
  2. Is the focus geographical, economic or racial?
  3. Will the series be spearheaded by contributors from the global south?
  4. Is the series about projects or people?

Regional Directory


Topical Directory

Makerspaces in Africa

Urban Commons Projects

Output from a report by Labgov in collaboration with the P2P Foundation:

Source: [1]


  • Bergrivier, South Africa - by Anna Cowen and John Ziniades
  • Ker Thiossane - Dakar, Senegal - By Marion Louisgrand Sylla
  • Woelab - Lomé, Togo - By Sename Agbodjinou Koffi
  • Bangla-Pesa - Mombasa, Kenya - Will Ruddick
  • Karura Forest - Nairobi, Kenya - Saadia Salim
  • Mazingira Institute - Nairobi, Kenya - Diana Lee-Smith and Davinder Lamba

Latin America

  • Hacklab, Cochabamba, Bolivia - By Daniel Cotillas
  • Platohedro - Medellin, Colombia - By Lina Mejia
  • Minha Sampa - Sao Paolo, Brazil - Patricia Galante de Sa and Anna Livia
  • PIC Initiative – Costa Rica – Arq. Margherita La Valle


  • Bangalore Commons Research by Harini Nagendra