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= related to Cisco’s Connected Urban Development project



“A Smart Work Center (SWC) is an office center within a close proximity of a residential community, which provides space to workers in individual or in a group work setting. Through the use of IT technologies, all work processes are fully supported and enhanced. Employers are able to take advantage of this collective setting to provide its workers with flexible and scaleable working space options. The use of SWC benefits the worker by providing a physical workspace close to their residence, resulting in reduced transportation demands and increased productivity. The SWC is a flexible concept with multiple applications, depending on the user groups that are being catered. The value proposition can be as basic as a flexible workstation with connectivity, to a full pervasive collaboration environment sustaining on and offline collaborative communities. The broader services include access to interaction technologies such high quality video conferencing, as well as child day care, high-end catering services, financial services, supplemented by good access to highways and public transport. SWCs are also equipped with open lounge work spaces and larger public areas. Amsterdam is the first CUD city to deploy the SWC.” (