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= concept and practice of political governance and specific software tool

The Concept

More Information

For the concept, see:

  1. Assembly Democracy
  2. Popular Assembly
  3. People's Assembly
  4. General Assembly
  5. Federated General Assembly


  1. J30 Assembly Movement - UK
  2. Duncan Crowley on the 2011 Assembly 15M Movement in Barcelona
  3. NYC General Assembly ; How the NYC General Assembly Works
  4. Argentine Assembly Movement ; Disappearance of the Neighborhood Assembly Movement in Buenos Aires
  5. United States General Assembly
  6. People's Assembly Against Austerity


  1. General Assembly Guide ; General Assembly Process Guide
  2. Introduction to the Facilitation Methods at the Occupy Atlanta General Assembly

The Software Platform

= Assembly is a platform for creating crowd-founded, open source startups built and owned by their makers.


"using the service, he was able to set rewards for different tasks and distribute them onto the web where anyone who felt they were right for the job could pick it up" (


via Ben Popper:

"the strength of Assembly will come from its community, which currently includes designers, engineers, marketers, and even lawyers. These folks might contribute to a half dozen different projects, all remotely, based on what draws their interest.

"I think Assembly is the next step for the open source movement. Instead of contributing to just software and getting better and free software in return, people can now contribute to an entire company," wrote Wesley Lancel, a developer from Belgium, who has contributed to a number of projects on Assembly. "It's not just contributing code, but also setting the direction and strategy of an actual company and helping out to make that company a success. And in return you don't just get better software or people using your code, but a real share in a company."

Assembly is leveraging technology from the world of Bitcoin to help create a shared ownership structure for each product. "App Coins (the ownership in a product on the blockchain) is not equity in the traditional company sense," explained Assembly founder Matthew Deiters. "They can't be transferred or sold. Instead they are used to determine an individual’s monthly earnings as well as verifiable ownership control used in voting decisions."

Each project has a core team the brings the original idea to the Assembly platform. That team decides what tasks need to be done and how many App Coins they are worth. Anyone can contribute towards that work without permission, the model borrowed from open source, and just like many big open source projects, the core team approves or declines the final work. Assembly serves as the platform for all this and also a financial and legal steward." (


... of Open-Source Startups:

  1. Everyone has ownership
  2. Everyone contributes where they are most effective
  3. Collaboration can happen around-the-clock by people everywhere
  4. Revenue is split equitably between contributors, monthly

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