Zero Trust Approach for Distributed Workforces

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""Cloudflare says the future of secure distributed workforces lies in a zero trust approach to security - an ethos that accompanied the launch of the company’s cloud-based network-as-a-service (NaaS) solution Cloudflare One last month.

The company states that the traditional ‘castle and moat’ approach to security - where organisations try to create a barrier between their enterprise network and external threats -doesn’t work anymore. Employees now work outside of the office, and applications have increasingly moved to the cloud. According to Cloudflare, “Employees are frustrated with the speed and experience of VPNs, and organisations want an alternative to the expensive patchwork of legacy solutions required to secure and connect corporate offices to each other and the Internet.” The company says that more businesses are relying on the internet to operate and as such, they need to protect their workforces in a way that is both flexible and scalable, and across different devices and networks.

This is where a zero trust approach works because, by default, organisations do not automatically trust data or resource requests. Instead, they verify every attempt before allowing access." (