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Via 'gmoke' on the Solar Array blog [1]:

"Net positive buildings are also coming on like gangbusters and there is a German village that produces five times the energy it needs through renewables. Please note that this article about it is from 2013 and the state of the art has moved on since then.

Another example are these net positive townhouses in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston

Net zero energy is not just for new buildings as well. A retrofit home in Whatcom County, Washington produces twice the energy it now consumes. In this area, the solar insolation is 3.5 - 3.0 kWh/square meter/day. Germany, with that 500% net positive village, has an average solar insolation (or irradiance) of 2.9 kWh/square meter/day.

It’s not just one-at-a-time as construction companies like Sekisui Heim of Japan builds "zero-utility cost" houses and has constructed over 160,000 units with "solar generation systems"

Buildings can achieve net zero almost anywhere in the world. Here’s information on the Northernmost net positive energy office building (so far):

The Southernmost is the Princess Elisabeth Station in Antarctica

From pole to pole, in most building types, as eco-districts and net zero cities, Net Zero Energy Vermont focuses on making Vermont the first zero energy state Net zero energy feasibility study for Vermont buildings (and beyond)

I also collect links on City Agriculture (archived at and have found that urban agriculture and net zero energy buildings are merging. Daniel Libeskind, the “starchitect,” has designed both net zero energy buildings and vertical gardens

This synergetic trend is only going to continue and speed up, expanding to include buildings that not only produce as much energy as they consume or more while feeding the local population and even improving the air. Agora Gardens in Taipei - a green building that absorbs CO2 Net zero energy buildings like trees: Oas1s "

2. [2]

"Phipps Center for Sustainable Landscapes - greenest building in the world?

Dutch net zero retrofitting on an industrial approach hat tip to Gil Friend

Newstead, Australia, population 500, planning to be 100% renewably powered within 5 years

Agora Gardens in Taipei - a green building that absorbs CO2

Smart green tower in Freiburg Im Breisgau, Germany, 16 stories, net energy plus solar with lithium ion battery storage, rooftop garden

KU students build net zero, Passive House, LEED Platinum certified home

Heidelberg Village - 162 apartments built to Passive House standards

Passively heated and cooled building in Austria

CO’s net zero energy districts

RMI’s An Integrative Business Model for Net Zero Energy Districts

ReGen Village designed to produce all its own food and energy

Northernmost net positive energy office building (so far) "