World Energy Grid

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Doctress Neutopia:

"One of our first tasks in this vision to build a network of arcologies is to build a world energy grid energized with renewable energy not only using Earth-based renewables, but by building solar powered satellites that beam solar energy from outer space. The plan is to immediately convert outer space military laser weapons technology (designed to send death rays) into solar powered satellites which use the sun as a fusion nuclear power plant. The outer space solar collectors convert energy into microwaves and beam the energy into collectors on Earth 24 hours, day and night. The "Gaia grid" would be the energy source needed for the construction of arcologies in different bioregions around the world.

Public transportation networks composed of mag lev trains could use energy from the world-energy grid and other renewable sources to move people from arcology to arcology. Arcologies would also have a fleet of publically-owned vehicles for personal and professional uses outside the boundaries of the arcology for accessibility of wilderness areas.

With the building of a Gaia Grid comes the need to build something like Buckminster Fuller's idea of an Earth Bank. Global managers would be responsible for the accounting, distribution, and protection of our "natural capital" using a world-wide computer data bank. Other councilors oversee the world-energy grid, seeing to it that energy and other resources are distributed fairly throughout the world. Such cooperation could well be a means to surviving global climate change and building a planetary culture that is freed from needs -- a post-scarcity world which would truly bring about global security.

Using our remaining oil supplies to research and develop arcology would mean using advanced computer technologies and robots to their fullest degree. Within an arcology, life-support systems such as the filtration of air and water are maintained by artificial intelligence. Think of an arcology running as efficiently, automatically, and effortlessly as the movement of oxygen, nutrients, and wastes in and out of cells in our bodies, doing an estimated six trillion things per second. Each organelle within the cell has an important part to play in the overall heath of the organism just as every citizens of an arcology would know what they must do in order to keep the arcology healthy. Arcology, then, becomes the body politic of humanity. If the way we have designed cities has created the monoculture of suburban waste and a global shopping mall and is the source of our crisis, then designing arcologies that restore wholeness is our answer.

So the question we can not ignore is should we use up diminishing fossil fuel reserves to patch up the old, gluttonous, decaying civilization or do we re-direct the energy to build a new one that works." (