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= Austrian Resource Pool project

URL = http://www.whopools.net/


"Whopools.net is an online-tool for sharing resources.

For example books and dvds, a place to sleep, computers with the possibility of printing, sitting the babies, a car. And more.

These resources are shared in resourcepools. There's private and public pools, consisting of friends, neighbors or people that share interests. " (http://www.whopools.net/index.php)


"the one technical implementation whopools.net I know of is sort of dead (it´s buggy, without development, user-unfriendly). I thought Crabgrass could help, without the imminent need to produce a new software tool, as it contains already all technical aspects on a very low level." (https://we.riseup.net/shareconomy/peer-economy)

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