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  • each section should have a 'network', and 'visualization'
  • I need help with porting from established to new more specialized categories, this is tedious and repetitive work that benefits from working in a team


  • Each category should be presented in double column format, as nathan started doing
  • do we need a logo?
  • color scheme?

Structural Changes

  • there are now topical categories and format categories, but they should be combined, i.e. it should be easy to find "Books on P2P Spirituality", "Videos on P2P Politics"
  • Recent additions should be visible in each category, per category
  • When looking at the Wiki, I am somehow disconcerted by the Wiki's basic presentation, especially choice of font, line spacing and layout. Also, there is the fact that this is a non-Wikipedia Wiki puts the [edit] buttons in interesting places and the absence(?) of discussion pages. Furthermore, I am not sure if the diagram you presented is an appropriately accessible 'general overview' for the average user (although some of the other slides within the presentation are really informative and accessible).