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TTD (Things To Do) server software

Software for storing lists of TTD (Things To Do) on a server, and helping users access, modify, and manage them via a website and/or desktop/ mobile/ cross-platform application.

Type Proprietary examples Free code replacements
Project management suites (with task lists) Asana Collabtiv (GNU GPLx3, LibrePLan (GNU AGPLv3, Taiga (GNU APGLv3)
Check lists RemembertheMilk '16 To-Do List Managers as Open-Source Web Apps' by Alex from CodeCondo
Kanban boards Trello KanBoard ("MIT"), WeKan ("MIT"),
Mind maps Liquidchart MetaMaps (GNU AGPL), XMind (dual licensed; EPLv1 and the GNU LGPLv3).

Notes on Software

Task Management Theories