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"We Media", is a report on participation in citizen journalism

URL = http://www.hypergene.net/wemedia/weblog.php

"3. How participatory journalism is taking form Participatory journalism uses a "publish, then filter" model instead of the traditional "filter, then publish" model. We examine the self correcting process, strengths and weaknesses of each of the major participatory journalisms systems or formats. These include: discussion groups, user generated content, weblogs (blogs), collaborative publishing, peer-to-peer systems and XML syndication. The various functions the audience can serve are examined and the type of participatory journalism formats these functions thrive in are also provided.

4. The rules of participation What motivates the audience to take part in participatory journalism? Social needs and how participatory journalism meets those needs are detailed. Like any social system, participatory media have developed their own rules. These rules and how they work are discussed."