We All Decide Barcelona

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= co-creating municipal planning and policies, based on a "a hybrid process combining participation in person with digital input".

URL = http://governobert.bcn.cat/en/noticia/we-all-decide-barcelona


"Participation. The participatory process for the PAM is open. Residents can take part either in person or via the new digital platform decidim.barcelona.

The initial documents for the Municipal Action Plan (PAM) and the District Action Plans (PAD) have now been drafted and so it is now the turn of the city’s residents to take part with comments and proposals on what sort of Barcelona people want. From now until April, the participatory process will be open to help build the city collectively.

For the first time ever a hybrid process has been designed, combining participation in person with digital input. The .barcelona domain thus becomes operative with the decidim.barcelona platform.

To take part, all you need to do is register. You can make proposals, access input which has been made, take part in debates and check all types of information. The process also means you can follow the progress of contributions and find out if they are approved, modified or ruled out, and why.

There are over 300 opportunities to take part in person at regulated premises such as neighbourhood councils, meetings or sectoral councils. Debates will provide a chance to make proposals on territorial issues, city affairs or other topics. Each district will also have a mobile unit for the same purpose, in order to reach all collectives. Proposals made in person will also be available via the digital platform and can be followed (what support they have, what feedback they get, whether they are accepted or rejected and why).

Once the process concludes, the document with definitive proposals will be drafted and debated with all municipal groups before being presented for approval at Full Council." (http://governobert.bcn.cat/en/noticia/we-all-decide-barcelona)