Wasted City

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* Book: Wasted City. Cities Foundation, 2017



"The Wasted City is a collection of work by an army of researchers and practitioners, who suggest circular city making as the new urban standard, in which citizens rather than technologies are at the center of attention. The novelty of the book rests beyond the classic top-down and bottom-up dichotomy and unidimensional stance - circularity is an environmental as much as a political, social and economic act that requires multidimensional approach. Having merged (hyper)local and (inter)national experiences on sharing, empowerment and material upcycling with academic insights by J. Beunderman, M. Hayer, M. Schwarz, F. Savini and K. Kourkoutas among others, the book serves as a tool to emancipate the discourse on systemic change – ‘what does it take to change the mindset of a city?" (http://citiesfoundation.org/The-Wasted-City_Save-the-Date.html)