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Backlight is the set of informative programs VPRO Television, where new ideas and trends are studied in the world of politics, economy, society, and science. Backlight sees itself explicitly as the first and only future-affairs section within the system. The program settles it on the front line, and are looking for stories in places where ideas are developed, tested and criticized. Through non-obvious, while controversial and thorough analysis would Backlight his perspective on the world, both domestic and international developments of our world in the 21st century design.

Backlight is a program without a fixed "format. Depending on the subject is always an appropriate form chosen, so long reports from home and abroad are interspersed with discussions, and uitzendingen which a person gets all the room his or her views on a topic it.

Continue through the weekly newsletter now more than 13,000 people aware of the broadcasts Backlight and other activities, including co-organized by the editors Globalisation Lectures, debates and special 'WebDOC' on the website of the program.

Backlight is broadcast weekly.

Backlight currently consists of:

  • Henneke Hagen
  • Jos de Putter

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