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Tim J Sullivan

B.Sc.(Chemistry 1968) M.Sc.(Kinetics 1970) Ph.D.(abd)(Statistical Thermodynamics 

& Computer Simulation Modeling of the Liquid State.1974)

Analytical Chemist (GC Mass Spectrometry, Cancer Research 1974-80) M.A. Counselling Psychology.1982. Private Practice Ph.D.(abd) Mapping the Unconscious Body Image and the Effects of Psychophysical Programs on Self Concept Measures. 1985. Completed Psychostructural Bodywork practitioner program, private practice. 1985

Information Systems consultant for start-up software development companies. 1987-90.

Training & Education coordinator, BC government. 1991 Trainer & Educator, Workshop design and curriculum development/ Internal OD consultant 1993-2000. Quality Manager and internal OD practitioner for BC government Agency.2000-2005

Open Space Facilitator. Learning Organization practitioner.

Other interests: Philosophy, Social Sciences, Sociology, Economics & Political Theory, Mathematics, Spirituality, Psychology, etc. etc.

Various Integral theories & visions that have influenced me: J.G. Bennett's Systematics; Arica Protoanalytical Theory (Oscar Ichazo); Time, Space, Knowledge (Tartung Tulka), Diamond Approach (AH Almaas), Integral Theory (AQAL) of Ken Wilber.