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Diego González Rodríguez has worked in several Research & Development projects in different fields (DNA and Bacterial Computing, Data Mining, SaaS,… ).. He is Software Engineer and Master of Research in Artificial Intelligence, and also Graduate in International Cooperation for Development.

For some time, he has been researching the relationship between Complex Adaptive Systems and P2P Social Dynamics following an evolutionary approach.

His main axiom is that social systems evolve from centralized networks with homogeneous agents to distributed networks with high levels of heterogeneity. Following adaptation and selection processes, through an incrementation of differentiation and connectivity, the groups of human agents evolve and define more complex and resilient societies. The equilibrium state that will emerge from current perturbations is what he has named “The P2P Society”. He is writing currently a PhD Thesis titled "The P2P Society as an autopoietic system: from centralized networks to distributed production of knowledge".

To discuss all the issues related with this amazing topic, to collaborate with other colleagues and organize resources, he has joined the P2P Foundation and he has founded P2P Science is a platform to share notes, references, academic papers and outlines about this research, but also to support current conversation and improve González's PhD Thesis.


Name: Diego González Rodríguez

Nick: "xmunch"

More: Online Resume


You can contact to Diego González through, or


Madrid (Spain)