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I'm just a guy with a passion for willfully distributed knowledge and resources. I have a bachelors degree in anthropology, a juris doctorate (law) degree, and a passionate interest in open source and peer-to-peer projects. Every open source p2p project I hear about makes me happy, even ones that I would never take part in myself.

It is hard to explain, but I am compelled to believe that over the coming decades the global network is going to play a major role in some incredible things or some terrifying things that happen to society, or a little of both perhaps, depending on whether the power of the network is wielded by the many or by the few.

I hope the network remains free and open to all, and it seems like the p2p solution is the best one. It allows some level of anonymity, allows like-minded individuals to pool resources to solve to tough real-world problems, and seems to attract some of the more intelligent and thoughtful people I've met on a whole host of issues. This is the way to keep the power of the network in the hands of the many!