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I am Wannes Ooms, 27 years old and from Belgium. I guess if I go to a doctor and he would do some tests on me, I would have the etiquette of an ADHD, autism and superintelligent human being. I didn't do any tests and had a wonderfull youth. Al the time happy and talented in sports, social life, etc. I got my master in kinesiology and master in management at university. After these studies I went travelling for 20 months to Oceanie and South East Asia. When I came back, I got into a crisis, called Bipolarity with depressions and Manic (euforic) periods and I was in psychiatrie for a while. Nowadays I feel recovered, healthy and super creative. I stopped my medicines and hell yeah, I do love myself again. Maybe even like never before. At times when I am thinking, I think a lot about changing the world, but more specific about tha happinness of the people. I would call myself an happinness philosopher. There are going a lot of things wrong in the world, like it will always do, but in these recent decades a lot of people in the western world think they are happy, but they are definitely not. Their brain, their body is fouling them, but they are not really happy. People have to learn to FEEL again, and stop using their brain as an only measure machine for their happinness. The problem is of course, that when you think you re happy, a lot of chemical things in your body start to work, and you will actually feel happy. But this isn't real, it is FALSE happinness. And it makes me very pissed off to see and feel that a lot of people have these disease. I really want to change it, and I think a do know they way how to do it. To explain this in a few written words is enormously difficult. Language and words are fucked up, cause they can't describe really 100 per cent what you feel. Cause there is only one reality and that's your one reality. Another is not possible, it is just everyone their own. So words in my reality, past, etc are different for me then for you. Anyway, I read the book of Michel Bauwens about peer to peer production, and I am very sure his vision is close to the optimal thing to do in the modern world. In my overall theory i don't think their is something like better or worse, things are just different. But on the other hand, for the happinness of the poeple living NOW, it is very important that things change, and the faster the change, the better. I also BELIEVE it is possible, if we don't believe, it is already impossible from the start. I am studying myself and all my behaviour and feelings maniacally every moment i lived since i was born. And with doing this i feel like I am laying a puzzle and every time the puzzle gets bigger. The last months i feel like the puzle is quiet complete. I dont really know how i can help and supporte your foundation, but i truly want to think with you guys, how to do it. Concrete steps and actions. I don't know if I am smart or wise, but sometimes I really feel like I am wise. This is quiet hard to say cause I am modest and don't want to be arrogant. I don't have my cv here on the PC, but like I described above, thats what I did. I was also longtime involved in the youth mouvement, and in the student assocciation. With some friends we run a beach bar in summer and organize some events. Al these groups and activititys have always been a succes. Why, i guess it is because of the positive energy thats is hanging aorund our shoulders. It is all about the people and that is it! I don't belive in God or something else, I believe in the people. To change things on bigger scale, i do also believe it is allowed to use 'bad' things like populism technics and other stuff, cause the goal justifies the meanings.

I would like to hear how I can contribute to the foundation, and if they maybe want to support me with projects in the future. If you want any more information about myself, let me know. Thanks a lot for the good stuff you re all doing! Congratz! Greetings, Wannes

FACEBOOK: Wannes Ooms