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Jose Luis Vivero Pol is an anti-hunger and social rights activist with fourteen years of experience on Food Security Policies and Programmes, Right to Food advocacy, Nutrition interventions and Food Sovereignty in Latin America, Africa and the Caucasus, having lived in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Chile, Georgia, Ethiopia and Kenya; and having worked with the EU, FAO and several NGOs. Additionally, he has experience in biodiversity conservation and plant genetic resources (agro-biodiversity, forestry resources and threatened species). His hobbies are birdwatching, medieval history, racket sports, cooking and travelling.

His current research topics at the University of Louvain are understanding political incentives, international legal frameworks and motivations to gear the transition from our fossil fuel-dependant agricultural systems towards a more sustainable one, developing a rationale for considering food as a commons, advocating for a binding legal agreement to end hunger and understanding the motivations (or lack of) to fight hunger and preserving biodiversity by leaders and citizens.

He is supporting the Ecuadorian Initiative ( to transit from a resource-based economny towards a knowledge-based economy, and where the commons are the foundational of an economy of happiness. He will be working with the food commons transition. Jose Luis Vivero Pol The Food Commons Transition