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Steve Whetstone

Founder of The hOEP Project (hOurs Equals Price)

Intro Version A) The project describes an alternative pro-social pricing model for use in retail sales that uses a financial technology innovation in price tag technology that allows a seller to offer prices in any real or abstract or personalized or subjective unit of measure. Most commonly, the primary use case for the price tag is to use units of "hours of your personalized time" as a mixed price such as "$2.00 + 1.00hr" for the sale of the product. The hourly portion of the price tag is converted by a personalized $/hr rate into dollars such that a person who makes $10/hr would pay a price of "$2.00 + 1.00hrX$10/hr" = "$12" at the register. A person who's time was worth $50/hr would pay a price of "$2.00 + 1.00hrX$50/hr" = "$52" at the register. A person who's time was worth $250/hr would pay "$2.00 + 1.00hrX$250/hr" = "$252". This pricing solution makes a seller profit while reducing financial inequality at the same time in some markets if used by the seller for the purpose of making a profit. The Technology can be extended to show how a seller can make a profit by pricing in other abstract units of measure such as externalized environmental cost converted into hours of personalized time value. To learn about how this makes a profit for the seller and reduces inequality consider our 21 page intro slide show @

Intro Version B) The project is an implementation attempt at new production and distribution models based on collaborative P2P exchanges of Time Value Accounting priced human value exchange metrics. Time spent reading, writing and reasoning are counted as investment shares in the project governance and can also be used to purchase items in an economic human value exchange with a hOEP tag. As a contributor of time and attention, you get royalties if your contributions receive the time and attention of others. You can vote on best contributions or win prizes of time value in your account for contributions you make that get attention and up-voting. To get involved and join us in a collaboratively edited google doc, start from any browser @ ∴% hOEP + (hOurs Equals Price) + on-boarding (start here) @

Intro Version C) The hOEP projections are based on economic simulations of economic norms and practices evolution resulting from introduction into the economy of a convenient and ubiquitous sliding scale price tag financial innovation technology. According to the theory of technology determinism, changes to GINI inequality, GDP, Environmental benefits and economic efficiency can be induced by simply providing a profitable mercantile instrument that achieves these effects in individualized sale transactions and implements a form of democratic socialist anarchism at the cash register as a price setting mechanism. The project explores the economics, politics, and social structures that evolve as a result of implementing a multi-value mixed currency economy based on ad hoc abstract units of subjective, fictional and personalized exchange value. Additional considerations for voting as an act of purchase are explored in an alternative economy model suitable for implementing in stores at a profit. To explore the big picture implications start with White Paper - help us write one you like more. Win prizes for best edit suggestion to our white paper. This will keep evolving as contributions suggest. The Project Investment Fund application New Media Ventures - seed funding application questions Code for America - project defining questionnaire

Intro Version D) Consider, if you want to relax and enjoy your time while eating or passively paying attention, then you could sit back, relax and watch our youtube introduction videos @ Or, connect with us on facebook @

Notice. The hOEP project is a non-commercial free association of individuals that write and advise and vote on topics of economics, price, profits, and other. Any contribution of time to the hOEP project counts as investment and voting shares in the project. No capital cash value is exchanged by the hOEP project and you can not buy anything for sale or purchase in dollars associated with the hOEP project and only personalized time is used for accounting of value. Any and all data collected by the hOEP project is Public and you should use discretion in revealing Private or confidential information. Some data is very hard to find and takes hours of effort or is intentionally hidden behind link mazes or in survey questions and contribution requests. If you visit The hOEP Project, you must contribute by voting or clicking links which will be counted and public. You will be eligible for prizes and royalties for your contributions of time spent reading, writing, and reasoning.