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I'm the author of 'The Business of Influence: Reframing Marketing and PR for the Digital Age', Wiley, 2011, and 'Attenzi - a social business story', May, 2013. This earned me my own Wikipedia entry for a while, /Philip_Sheldrake, until someone decided I wasn't sufficiently notable, and now the Philip Sheldrake in question is the Professor of Theology at Durham University. That's not me. I'm an aetheist / advocate of reason and science.

I'm a Chartered Engineer, Managing Partner of Euler Partners, and an architect of the hi:project. For the best part of ten years, I was a Main Board and Ops Board Director of techUK, the UK tech industry association.

I'm pursuing a PhD in Web Science under Dame Professor Wendy Hall and Dr. Kieron O'Hara. I blog at

As a co-founding member of the CIPR's Social Media Panel back in the day, I helped develop the social media guidelines for UK PR professionals, including their interaction with the Wikipedia community.