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I am french ... this could be a reason why my english is not perfect ...

A propos de moi

Voir par exemple :

Stuff I am participating in (about) :

wiki around democracy (p2p political governance of a society and its institutions) :

among other things this wiki talks about tools or methods/practices that could be used used in democracy

some of these methods or tools include :

  • p2p design of the operating system (constitution) of a democracy
  • p2p decision making tools and methods/practices
  • p2p voting tools and methods/practices
  • p2p debate tools and methods/practices
  • p2p writing tools and methods/practices
  • p2p information sharing between wikis

facebook activity :

  • French Group "Philia" "how do we better get together to build a better world ?"
  • French Page "" "in a democracy people in power should not write the rules of that power"
  • My page : Pierre PP

My quicklinks for the p2pfoundation wiki



Other info I find interesting


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