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An Engineer with Economics training, who thinks no - there IS a better way to do things - as one of my hero said -

Francis Hutcheson (tutor to Adam Smith in Glasgow university) in one of his famous phrases said ' The greatest good for the greatest number of people' - he maintained that people were inherently good and fundamentally wished to help there fellow citizen. Hutcheson was immensely influential on the American founding fathers and on the families of the United Irishmen in Ireland. Francis Hutcheson is buried in St. Mary's churchyard, Wolfe Tone St, Dublin, Ireland.

Have a first degree in Engineering and second in Economics with a life time interest in Development and Volunteering. In particular am interested in regaining the Common Group activities, a 'Common Wealth' versus current MEism. Not only applicable in times of crisis or disaster but also lays a foundation for the future cooperation. No need to wait like a serf for government or the top 1% to condescendingly help but a Framework for Grassroots to cooperate with one and another, as fully autonomous citizens as our ancestors were.

Volunteer Framework Naoise