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I am a tenured Professor of Business at San Diego Mesa College in California, where I have taught marketing and business courses for the past 14 years. From 2007 through 2013, I served as either Assistant Chair or Chair of the Business Department within the college’s School of Business & Technology. Prior to embarking on my career in higher education, I spent six years working in industry as a market research analyst for Fluor Daniel, Inc., and seven years working as a corporate writer and editor for Rockwell International Corporation.

With regard to education, I am currently a doctoral student in the Teaching and Learning Program offered through the Education Studies Department of the University of California, San Diego. I have an M.B.A. with a Marketing concentration from the University of Southern California and a B.A. in English with a Professional Writing concentration from California State University, Long Beach.

At Mesa, I have served as Lead Writer of Marketing Program Review since 2001, as well as Student Learning Outcome Writer and Coordinator for the Marketing Program since 2010. I also serve as a member of the Mesa College Academic Senate’s Learning Assessment Task Force. My experience with curriculum includes collaboratively revising the curriculum for the San Diego Mesa College Business Management degree and certificate programs, and also developing and writing the San Diego Mesa College California SB1440 Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) for the Associate in Science in Business Administration Degree, both in 2012.

My interests include current trends in asynchronous online and blended education; the effective integration of technology in instructional design; the means by which communities of inquiry and of practice can be established and supported through technology; strategies for student retention and success in the online learning environment; student engagement and motivation; community college business and marketing education; open-source university- and college-level curriculum; professional development for community college instructors; and community college baccalaureate degree programs.

My primary motivation is to help shape curriculum—particularly online curriculum—and assure the effectiveness of instruction at Mesa College, and possibly beyond. In the San Diego Community College District, of which Mesa College is a part, demand for online courses has skyrocketed over the past decade. The three sister colleges in the District, Mesa College, City College, and Miramar College, offer hundreds of online class sections every semester in an effort to meet this demand, and thousands of our students access and participate in these online courses using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. In terms of teaching and learning, this presents special challenges in that we must concern ourselves not only with the issues normally associated with online instruction (i.e., effective instructional design, verification of student identity, etc.), but must also assure that online course design is mobile-friendly. Since I teach fully online as well as in the classroom, I am directly involved in the effort to meet these challenges.

I am particularly interested in the role that the Online Education Initiative (OEI) project currently being piloted by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office will play in shaping online instruction in coming years, and seek to involve myself with the efforts of the Online Education Consortium and OEI Steering Committee to develop effective online curriculum.