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I teach and do research about Spanish contemporary culture at the University of Pennsylvania. I am part of the group "Making Worlds, Building the Commons in NYC"

My research focuses on the cultural transformations brought by processes of capitalist modernization and neoliberal crisis in Spain. In my edited work La imaginación sostenible: culturas y crisis económica en la España actual (2012), a special monographic issue of the journal Hispanic Review, I argue that the Spanish cultural scene has pioneered practices of sharing and collaborating that are playing an important role as alternatives to the ethos of individualism and competition responsible for to the current crisis. This is also the subject of my book-length project titled El retorno de lo común. Culturas colaborativas y crisis económica en la España del siglo XXI, which explores how the “return of the commons” currently being lived out in Spanish social and cultural spheres responds to the economic crisis by bringing together self-organizing and sustainability techniques (such as crowdfunding and distributed collaboration), with aesthetic practices (e.g. audiovisual remixing and collective storytelling), as well as ethical attitudes (openness to others, respect for vulnerability, etc).