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Ludwig Schuster is a freelance project manager and consultant for Social Entrepreneurs, with a long-term experience in the field of complementary currencies and alternative finance. He is a founding member and facilitator of the think-tank Wissenschaftliche Arbeitsgruppe Nachhaltiges Geld, and a member of the scientific committee of the German Regiogeld Association. His research is currently focused on the monetary drivers of economic growth, as well as innovative financial instruments for a sustainable economy.

Recent Publications:

Parallel Currencies for the Eurozone. An outline and an attempt at systematisation. Contribution to a Report of the German Federal Association of SME's (BVMW), 2013

Energising Money - An introduction to energy currencies and accounting. Report of nef - the New Economics Foundation (with Josh Ryan-Collins and Tony Greenham), 2013

Drivers of Economic Growth in the Monetary Economy. Interim Report. Wissenschaftliche Arbeitsgruppe Nachhaltiges Geld (Co-Ed.), 2012

Emission Rights as a Carbon Currency. Thoughts on the Currency Aspects of CO2-Emissions Trading (Kathy Beys Foundation), 2010