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Co-Founder of BitcoinBoulevard in The Hague, Netherlands. Busy with Ridesharing, Homesharing, Aquaponics, Distributed social networks, Attention economy

I'm working since 1989 in the IT business. I got my degree in Business Management in 1990 at University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

Current activities:

+ preparation of business proposal on blockchain-technology and smart contracts
+ preparation of special internal project in order to raise awareness about blockchain-technology
+ work out of disintermediation opportunities in finance, insurance, health, real estate

Innovations around Internet, mobile computing, blockchain technology have my interest. I started in 1995 to introduce email in the Ministry of Education and created their first website. With friends I raised the Association NetYes that made the digital city of The Hague. I tried my chances in France with my company bART, that provided internet services in Montpellier. My last projects are about Bitcoin. With two friends we raised the bitcoin boulevard in The Hague. We convinced ten merchants in one street to accept bitcoin. The project got worldwide attention. See:

In 1997 I joined Atos as consultant for websites. Currently I'm in the position of CRM consultant with focus on social communities, attention economy and remuneration of creators instead of third parties.

Lately I've been studying the analyses of organizations by the Design & Engineering Methodology for Organizations (DEMO) of Prof. Dietz. It's a highly promising method that is based on how people communicate about their transactions. Next to that I master of course techniques like UML, BPMN, ITIL. For project management I make use of Prince2, but the core is always the get the objectives of the team clear and communication about each others progress.

In the projects I was involved in, I show always a solid knowledge and experience. I'm an excellent team-player and it is refreshing to work with me. My objective is to work in innovative and international challenges, preferably with France as a base station.