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Joris Claeys
online alias: knowledgEnabler

Sustainability, Resilience, Thrivability & Econologics Coaching
- ecoNVERGE @Econologics
Explicit & virtual collaboration – Community Capacity Builder
OD WST AI - Business, Industry & Market COACH – Change CULTIVATOR

Change cultivator partnering with the world to facilitate change through the Transition Narrative towards Society 3.0
@ EconologicsThink and act without the box!

  • Business, Industry & Market COACH
  • knowledgEnabler
  • Community CAPACITY Builder

Active in the Knowledge Economy, Change Facilitation, Resilience & Thrivability Coaching, Organizational Development, Whole Systems Thinking & Transformation, Appreciative Inquiry, Renewables & Environment - for organizations, teams, communities and industries.

  • Corp. & Public Sustainability, Resilience Building to Thrivability
  • Lifestyle Balance, Green Living, Green Architecture
  • Entertainment, Hospitality & Leisure
  • Evolution of Advanced Technologies & CLEANtech
  • Enterprise CLOUD Integration, BIGdata & Semantic Web3.0
  • Business Networking, Social Media & Marketing Mix
  • Community Management & Econological Advocacy

Extended ENTERPRISE Econological SUSTAINABLE ValueChain Solutions

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Twitter: @knowledgEnabler Twitter

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Locations: Antwerp, Belgium - Cebu, Philippines

ecoNVERGE – inspire ● harmony ● balance
Inspire one - 1x = X1 - motivate many!
Interactive Community & Econological Lattice Platform building.
Transformational changes in social values, resource needs & technological advances.
Realizing sustainable balance in our social & economic circle of life!
ENGAGE DYNAMIC CAPACITY – “Inspire Innovation! Embrace Change!”

INCISIVE Knowledge Converged
ECOLOGICALLY Inspired, Sustainable Disseminated
#Econologics #ecoNVERGE #OD #WST #AI
global reach, glocal motion – WE are Unlimited!

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Interactive Communities of Practice bring you closer to the flow of life through

- Soul of Life@ eco-ViVaCity - ecologically balanced living!
- Ideas for Life@ eco-sTrEAMs - innovative future in the make!
- Inspire for Life@ eco-Nable - facilitate sustainable growth!
- Circle of Life@ marketingVILLAGE - your world, our village!
- @ EconologicsSustainable Balance in Our Social & Economic Circle of Life!
- knowledgEvolution (WP) – incisive knowledge converged!

We change the way we LIVE! – We change the way of LIFE!
Assimilate sustainable growth! Join our CoPs / Think-Tanks.
Be part of the CHANGE! – PARTICIPATE your change!

Join the dialogue on new socio-economic models from the Transition Narrative towards Society 3.0. Think and act without the box!

@ Econologics – sustainable balance in Our social & economic circle of life!

Interactive CoP/Think-Tank around humane economics (germane progressive economics), human values and ecologically explored resources, maintaining balance between earth, people and progress. – “Advance our singular life in balance & harmony!”

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