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Ampheck Boolean domain Boolean function Boolean-valued function Charles Sanders Peirce Charles Sanders Peirce (Bibliography) Comprehension (logic) Continuous predicate Correspondence theory of truth Cybernetics Descriptive science Differential logic Dynamics of inquiry Entitative graph Exclusive disjunction Formal science Graph (mathematics) Graph theory Grounded relation Inquiry Inquiry driven system Integer sequence Hypostatic abstraction Hypostatic object Kaina Stoicheia Logic Logic of information Logic of relatives Logic of Relatives (1870) Logic of Relatives (1883) Logical conjunction Logical disjunction Logical equality Logical graph Logical implication Logical matrix Logical NAND Logical negation Logical NNOR Minimal negation operator Multigrade operator Normative science Null graph On a New List of Categories Parametric operator Peirce's law Philosophy of mathematics Pragmatic information Pragmatic maxim Pragmatic theory of truth Pragmaticism Pragmatism Prescisive abstraction Propositional calculus Relation (mathematics) Relation composition Relation construction Relation reduction Relation theory Relation type Relative term Semeiotic Semiotic information Semiotics Sign relation Sign relational complex Sole sufficient operator Tacit extension The Simplest Mathematics Triadic relation Truth table Truth theory Universe of discourse What we've got here is (a) failure to communicate Zeroth order logic



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Logic and Semiotics

Inquiry Driven Systems



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Presentations and Publications

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  • Awbrey, J.L., and Awbrey, S.M. (January 1991), “Exploring Research Data Interactively : Developing a Computer Architecture for Inquiry”, Poster presented at the Annual Sigma Xi Research Forum, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TX.
  • Awbrey, J.L., and Awbrey, S.M. (August 1990), “Exploring Research Data Interactively. Theme One : A Program of Inquiry”, Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Conference on Applications of Artificial Intelligence and CD-ROM in Education and Training, Society for Applied Learning Technology, Washington, DC, pp. 9–15. Online.