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José M. Ramos is originally from California from Mexican American and Indigenous ancestry. He has a great passion for community initiatives going back to his student days in Community College organising events for environmental clubs and lobbying for social justice causes. He hold a Doctorate from Queensland University of Technology in Global Studies, Foresight and Sustainability. He has taught and lectured at Swinburne University of Technology on Strategic Foresight, Community and Corporate Sustainability Strategy, Economic History and Community Development, and at Victoria University in Community Development and Health Promotion. His skills and abilities include facilitating energising workshops, conducting experiential field research, report writing, producing (developing, filming and editing) documentaries, developing social media and social networking platforms, the art of strategic conversation and dialogue, presentation and educational curriculum development.

He has ten years of experience researching foresight and sustainability strategies, and in working with a variety of people, community groups and organisations in developing sustainability strategies and foresight initiatives; he has published over a dozen peer reviewed articles in these areas, conducted extensive work in community development, helping co-found the Melbourne Social Forum and Plug in TV, and has supported a number of other initiatives, such as the Oases educational program.

His experience includes:

Social research in a variety of fields using various approaches. Community development research in naturalistic setting among community groups in Melbourne. Survey research with inter-state and international participants. Currently research analyst for the Smart Services CRC, (

Produced and published over 30 reports, articles and essays, including reports for Swinburne University of Technology, Queensland Government’s DPIF and DEEDI, and major international journals. (see:

Lecturer in Community and Corporate Sustainability Strategy, Social Enterprise Development, Community Development and Strategic Foresight (Swinburne University of Technology and Victoria University 2005-2010), Foresight Practice (University of Sunshine Coast 2012).

Co-founder: Plug in TV, Melbourne Social Forum.

Over ten years experience working with organisations to develop their foresight capacities. Worked with and done research for local councils, state governments, small and medium sized businesses and large corporations

Senior consulting editor for the Journal of Futures Studies, (


Ph.D. Queensland University of Technology, Foresight, Global Studies and Community Development.

Master of Science in Strategic Foresight, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne.

Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature, University of California,Irvine.