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Jean-Luc Roux

60 years old, father of two childs, Jean-Luc is a sociologist and therapist

He developed numbers of skills and competencies regarding changing strategy, project management, environmental policy, poverty policy, complementary currencies and neuro-mangement. He has been actif in Center Study and Training in Ecology (CEFE), King Baudouin Fundation (Management of theBelgium National Environement Fund), WWF-Belgium (Program Director), Department for International Development - DFID ( Head of DFID - Cameroon), Greenpeace International (Head of the political unit)

Today his on going activities are: - Professor at ICHEC - Business School of Brussels - Lecturer and accompanist change - Holder of an autonomous project home for the elderly in the province of Kham in Tibet - Holder of a proposed change of mentality and behavior in Burkina Faso - Project developers of complementary currencies - Co-writer with Manuel Poutte a feature film currently on Complementary currencies - Expert complementary currencies with Orange Telecom - CEO of Wise Consulting - consultancy company