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Helene’s main area of focus is connecting dots and building bridges between people, cultures, disciplines, organizations, transitional stages.

Born in Canada and raised in France, Helene lived in many countries including Sweden, the US, Indonesia, Australia.  She now lives in Spain.

After studying entrepreneurship at HEC in Paris she specialized in small and medium enterprise and created a niche specialty at the intersection of strategy, branding and organizational development. She worked in the waste management and consumer product industry, for business to business marketing consultancies, as an independent consultant specializing in innovation, IT and prospective, as well as in education and social development.

From brand positioning, culture and strategy she moved to organizational change and cross-cultural collaboration and now focuses on social change, networks and movements within the corporate world and beyond.

In Indonesia, she witnessed within three years the South East Asian double digit growth and then devastating monetary crisis followed by the demise of dictator Suharto and the first open elections. In Sweden, she attended to the boom of IT and the Internet and experienced the burst of this bubble too.

She developed a particular interest in making sense of what emerges in social systems to bridge vision and realization. In particular she believes that nurturing and amplifying natural potentials and generating engagement can make a difference and ignite new thinking and action. Her current work concentrates on bringing advanced dialogue and empowering technologies and models to people at the heart of the system as well as on the margin, and to connect the core and the edge, to help a transition to a better world.