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Professor Georgios Palaiologos is aGreeknativebut withhigh multinationalfamiliarity .He is a father of 2 children (son and daughter) and enjoysmulticultural business environments, sincehe hadbeen in thepast engagedin projects in avast numberof countries in Asia, Europe, Africaand USA. Thiscultural adaptabilitywas a verydecisivecriterion for joining his forces latelywith Raffles EducationCommunity ,acting as aBusiness Administration &HospitalityProgrammes Co-ordinator and Full TimeLecturer for theDiploma, Advanced Diploma, Undegraduate andGraduate programsat theHartford Institute inHong Kong. Part of his duties is to Advise students of Graduate studies on their Maste's Thesis for the Universities of Leicester(UK) and Newcastle(Australia). He is an active Franchising andBusiness Consultant in the fieldsof Retailing, Hotel and T ourism andE-Commerce,whilehe had servedas an Administrator inglobal organisationslike NA TO(North Atlantic Treaty Association) and theCommission of theEuropeanUnion(Belgium)in the DirectionGeneralforInformation, Communication and Sports. He has beenlecturing in the AmericanCollegeof Greece andthe European Universityfor more than12 years in thefieldsof Business Administration, Marketing,Management, Small Business Mgt &Entrepreneurship. He is an entrepreneurial person as heurgedinto familyentertainment business and travel agencyactivities byoperating his own corporate entities.