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My name is Alex Rollin. I'm 34 and living in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

I'm currently an American, originally from San Francisco, California. I find the Netherlands to be much more supportive of P2P activities.

Currently I am working on cooperative approaches to production ecologies. How can a number of small production enterprises work together to supply the needs of a community? What have we learned about P2P and the Commons that can help us to be more effective when employing structures traditionally referred to as worker, service, or consumer cooperatives?

I work in information technology, and help with building web applications. I've been working with Open Source for 10 years, and I apply P2P principles in my work now whenever and wherever possible.

Participating in:


Voting and Election Methods

Open Source Projects

I do a lot of things on the P2P Foundation Wiki. I think it's a great set of tools and I think P2P is a very flexible action research system for integral theory, which is how I landed here.

I take responsibility for the creation of the wiki's site-wide taxonomy and navigation that starts at Category:P2P Foundation. I also published the bulk of the documents (as of 03-2010) having to do with the operations of the foundation board and infrastructure services.

I am currently working on original and derivative writings related to the application of P2P Theory in Networks, organizational subsystems, and common resources.