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Greetings All,

I Grew up between traveling between sustainable communities in N. America.  and the land we lived on in Oregon. (and just traveling.

I was teaching Permaculture (basic) in the Fine are university of Athens Greece 2 years ago. (how time flies) I was teaching Rebirthing, (respiratory therapy) (everyday) At the European International Rainbow family summer festival of 2013. I have also joined participated in to numerous courses around this area to name. - In the end, building and creating sustainable community has become my passion, because nothing really gets done with out the group.... and the group ;z)-- well

One of my goals would be to visit many more communities on go with people all over and see how everyone is doing out there. (learn) (learn) learn)

I don't have a dog to feed'.. - excuse the expression dog lovers, but, - ( though this is new after 9 year marriage/relationship ended).. I could be diving into a project / community to satisfy my need for growth, learning, and stimulation.


( I noticed that there was a Greek version to this site! Yassus! Fillakia!