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I was born in the USSR in 1960 and felt it then as being on the verge of progress of humanity because as I strongly believed it my country made the first ever attempt to construct a better society eliminating some heaviest contradictions in people's relations. Subsequently I tried to modify the theory of society I was taught in the University to be applicable to the real world I lived in. I came to conclusion that the task of building new society might be done by means of Information Technology essentially by the thing which lately had appeared under the name Internet and by the people who we know as Programmers. With this vision I continue to live and see some signs that this my vision has become in some part shared by other people. I hope this site is a great place to get in touch with them and with mutual effort we'll elaborate on the theory and practice of building a shining new society ! I work as a programmer and have a software firm , live in Urals, Russia, have graduated from the University as a specialist in theoretical physics. Thank you !