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Kai Ehlers (*1944) is independent researcher, writer and author of books. The focus of his work lies in post-soviet changes and their local as well as global consequences, which he studies by expeditions through the former soviet part of the word, talking to people and being involved in local activities. The focus of his research studies lies on history and today’s transformation of Russian-Eurasian commons culture (including Mongolia) before, during and after it was overtaken by the soviet state. Following this researches he is engaged in developing social alternatives to today’s form of globalisation, especially in questions of democracy, community, commons in Germany and in general. His special matter of concern today is to connect the historical experiences of Soviet-Eurasian commons culture and it`s actual impulses of transformation with the rising of general commons movement.

One of the questions, to which he is working moreover, is the opening of an interdisciplinary cultural dialogue about the unknown and repressed parts of the common Eurasian historical, epical, mythological cosmos.

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