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Hi there !

I am 27, I love music, travelling, games, and share things with others :D

I am currently on a world trip. The purpose of my journey is to meet local activists to share our different experiences on the field. The objectives are :

  • To create common resources about our experiences and our knowledge that anyone can use in the whole world.
  • To create links between all the activists of the world who want to open their projects to permit anyone to contribute to them.
  • To use common digital tools to improve everyone’s intern and extern communication and permit anyone to take part of a project even if he’s far away or don’t know the person in the project.
  • To make videos about the original places I see and mix them with my personnal knowledge about the commons.

I was in Lille working with the commons Assembly, so I know commons and the purpose of your project.

I hope we will be able to build our shared dream of a society based on commons together ;)