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Dave Pearce took an interesting path to the digital currency sector, first studying biology and biotechnology at Waterford Institute of Technology in the republic of Ireland, becoming a specialist in bacterial fermentation techniques. He later worked as a researcher in the bioremediation field: the use of micro-organisms to clean pollution. Moving to Europe in the 1990's, Dave settled in Amsterdam, moving into the IT sector as a network administrator.

In 2013, impressed by Bitcoins ability to create, send and receive a currency without any form of central authority, Dave converted a classic Range Rover into digital currency, and began following the crypto currency scene more closely. In late 2013, he saw Nxt and immediately recognised its potential to completely revolutionise the way we transact with each other. In 2014, he, together with a group of other Nxt early adopters and investors, he set up the Nxt Foundation to allow the decentralised, open source Nxt project to interact with the more mainstream business world.

Dave still loves impractical classic cars, the movies of George Miller, cycling, motorcycles and the works of Sir Terry Pratchett.