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The idea of user groups or teams

It would be really amazing if this wiki could be used as an information commons for groups centered around P2P and Commons thinking. They could bear in mind the following points.

  • No teams of one.
  • Every team must have a team page listing the team members. They can have their own personal pages or not. It must have some way of contacting at least one active person from the team.
  • Every page maintained by the team should have a notice at the bottom linking to the maintaining team.
  • Pages should be kept simple, with simple rules and conventions, to maximise the number of people who can contribute and minimise the amount of training they need. Fortunately, Michel and I have kept this wiki as simple as we can already, so this should be already close to optimal.
  • Teams should set an upper limit to the number of people that they feel they can effectively hold together. I would expect the active participants to number between 4 and 8, with perhaps a couple extra passive people.
  • Teams should have a clear and simple acceptance process for people who want to join, and not refuse people without good reason if there are spaces on the team.
  • Teams should get to know each other so that they can co-create effectively.
  • Team members should pool their technical knowledge and train each other in the use of this wiki.
  • Experience with this wiki would be a natural starting point for people to go on and edit Wikipedia.

Ideally, I would like to see new people being attached to a group at the time they are admitted to be editors.