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To do: Productive Democracy

Law commons

Commons Type Sample Legal Forms Sample Enforcement Vectors Sample Tensions Unsolved Problems
Atmospheric / Oceanic
  • Open sea doctrines;
  • Deep seabed mining rights; fisheries quotas and accords; global trade law;
  • Global administrative law (data-cooperation and sharing for the protection of common resources);
  • Liberalism & int'l trade law (WTO & free movement in a "race to the bottom")
  • Nominally governed by IL;
  • De facto governed by exercise of fiat enforcement powers on a selective state-by-state and case-by-case basis;
  • Formal indeterminacy creates conditions for the necessity of an official “arbiter” of rights

'right to fish'
'polluter pays principle'

'right to protect health, life and wellbeing of citizens and commons'
'right to free movement of goods'

Intellectual Commons
  • Open-source standards;
  • Creative Commons;
  • Liberal copyright/IP licence schemes (patent pools);
  • Whistleblowing
  • State-by-state enforcement;
  • Emergence of global best practices & norms;
  • Lex mercatoria

right to use -v- modify
Wikipedia ←→ Wikileaks
right to protect as critical national security infrastructure (Snowden) etc.

Spectrum Commons
  • Wireless spectrum auctions; propertarian rights regimes; negotiated rulemaking;
  • Net Neutrality debates
  • 1G–4G (state-by-state);
  • 5G (regional);
  • Small-but-growing global players (e.g., Starlink)

BigFirm -v- BigFirm Realpolitik
Great Firewalls
"Collect it all"

Capture by Industry;

Blockchain Commons
  • Freedom of speech;
  • Freedom of association;
  • Due process rights
  • Strong positive IL basis but mainly state-by-state enforcement;
  • Strong contractarian ethos, especially in consensus mechanisms & dispute resolution

propertarian rights regimes

property -v- contract -v- commons

Cartel Formation;

Civic Commons
  • "Natural & positive legal participatory rights;
  • Right to petition for redress of grievances;
  • Due process rights;
  • Neighborhood associations;
  • HOAs, collective security
  • Municipal enforcement;
  • Spotlight effects;
  • Nonprofit cooperatives;
  • Limited private right of action;
  • No meaningful regional / global enforcement

public -v- private (em. domain)

gross info asymmetries

Sunshine Acts -v- Ag-Gag laws

— taken from: Law of (Blockchain) Commons 3