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Here is a record of progress with the Main Page.

I'll do it like a vertical Kanban board, with ToDo, InProgress, and Done.

Michel you're welcome to add things here or move them if you take action.

Content options have been put in the Talk page itself: Talk:Main Page

To Do

Top of main column

  • remove current video and consider if we need a different one
  • the 3 links with images need checking
  • recent articles and publications needs updating

The 3 column section

Will go over these gradually, and add tasks here.

Beneath the 3 column section

  • check countries
  • check languages
  • partner graphics -- what does partnership mean? Sympathisers?
  • our ecosystem
  • our working partners
  • review wiki neighbours
  • identify any funds that we might have -- who has access to the donation accounts?

In Progess


Left Sidebar

  • remove P2P Lab from page
  • remove Dutch language blog

Beneath the 3 column section

  • three strategic priorities take out date