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The University of Openess is a self-institution for independent research, collaboration and learning.



"What is the University of Openess?

The uo is a framework in which individuals and organisations can persue their shared interest in emerging forms of cultural production and critical reflection such as unix, cartography, physical and collaborative research.

Any member may start a faculty to socialise their research with the Uo. For more information, see the FacultyHowTo page.

The uo:

  • is a user led facility of learning and research with many temporary physical campuses, and one less temporary one at LimehouseTownHall, London, and many online presences.
  • runs a core curriculum and regular classes, and at present has several faculties listed and linked to from the HomePage.
  • is administered by an orgiastic board with a floating Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and self-elected members of various denominations. The Quorum is established as the majority of the members in the room.
  • is open to solicitation for prospective classes, faculties, symposia and more than you can possibly imagine.

uo facilities include a media-lab, map room, library, wikis, a wireless industrial unit, and other distributed campus services.

In light of recent proposals for allowing extortionate 'top up fees' to be charged for education in the uk, and the increasing tendency of universities to prioritise commercially sponsored research (and to allow that research to become intellectual property of the sponsors), free (in both senses of the word) educational institutions such as the uo are more needed than ever." (

Related Projects

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Sister Universities

"* The Manoa Free University :

  • The Copenhagen Free University: - "The Copenhagen Free University opened in May 2001 in our flat. The Free University is an artist run institution dedicated to the production of critical consciousness and poetic language".
  • Informal University in Foundation - - The Informal University in Foundation 'IUIF'is an attempt to establish a network that shares resources and information, in the spirit of social change, as well as an open body that is able to produce new knowledge and research where the fields of form (structures), culture and society meet. The IUIF is currently based in Berlin.
  • Mobilised Investigation - (MI), a research-activism network established in 2002, offers a platform for the exchange and development of research which confronts power

Sister Bureaus

Sister Organisations

  • Informal - Informal is a research and implementation group for collaborative research with a focus on social development and technology. -
  • C-level - - C-level is a cooperative public and private lab formed to share physical, social and technological resources....based in LA.
  • Mute - - culture and politics after the net. Projects include: Mute magazine, Metamute web site, OpenMute? (Open source tools), TheMuteMap? (a semantic web resource), YouAreHere? - East End London networking.
  • Interflugs Berlin - a selforganized student initiative for autonomous transdisziplinary studies within the Berlin University of the Arts. -