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"Transition Rights are about “freedom to explore what [job] you want to do next, without financial devastation.” The principle of the “Just Transition Fund” is to ensure that workers who lose their jobs due to environmental policies are not forced to commit “economic suicide.” [2]

A Guaranteed Livable Income would universalize ‘Transition Fund’ principles to extend them to all people–especially those excluded from formal work." (


[1] Just Transition Fund

UK Trades Union Congress sponsored document “Green and Fair Future” documents the history of Just Transition and calls for a JTF in order to make sure that “all the conditions exist for a genuinely just transition to a low carbon economy”

Canadian Labour Congress 2008 convention: “In creating the legislative framework for investments and expenditures to deal with climate change, the Federal government should establish Just Transition Funds.”

[2] Tony Mazzocchi: “Workers Must Be Compensated Fully If Jobs Are Lost for Environmental Reasons — We Call This ‘A Just Transition’”, 2000,

Mazzocchi who coined the term “Just Transition” was called the “Rachel Carson of the American workplace”