Torange Khonsari

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"In 2004 Torange Khonsari co founded the art and architecture practice public works, an interdisciplinary practice working in the threshold of participatory and performative art, architecture and related fields of anthropology, always engaged with notions of civic in the city. Their projects are socially and politically motivated and directly impacts public space, working with local organisations, communities, government bodies and stakeholders.

As a practice it is a vehicle and an umbrella that both hosts and tests the academic research undertaken within university teaching. Torange is currently a director of public works- social and political art and architecture practice, and teaches architecture and activism at UMA school of architecture Sweden where she is an Adjunct professor. The direct two -way communication between academia and practice has enabled and enriched an exploratory environment within which public works is now operating. Published work include ‘public works enjoying the in between’ planning the unplanned, 2015, ISBN 9783869840635, ‘contemporary initiative in participatory art and architecture practice’, Open house international journal, 2007. My home is your home ISBN 978-1906318-05-5 ." (Commonswatch mailing list, October 2016)