Tools for Online Public Engagement

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= "These digital platforms can help local government consult, collaborate with, and empower citizens in community decision-making".


Via [1] :

  1. coUrbanize: List project information for development proposals and gather online feedback.
  2. Cityzen: Gathers feedback by integrating polling and social media sites.
  3. Community Remarks: Map-based tool for facilitating dialogue and collecting feedback.
  4. Crowdbrite: Organizes comments for online brainstorming sessions and workshops.
  5. EngagementHQ: Provides information and gathers feedback for decision-making.
  6. MetroQuest: Incorporates scenario planning and visualizations for informing the public and collecting feedback.
  7. SeeClickFix: For reporting and responding to neighborhood issues.
  8. Neighborland: Forum that encourages community discussion and action at the neighborhood level.
  9. PublicStuff: Communication system for reporting and resolving community concerns.
  10. MindMixer: Ideation platform for community projects.
  11. NextDoor: Private social network and forum for neighborhoods.
  12. Adopt-a-Hydrant: Allows citizens to help maintain public infrastructure.
  13. CivicInsight: Platform for sharing progress on development of blighted properties.
  14. i-Neighbors: Free community website and discussion forum.
  15. Recovers: Engages the public in disaster preparedness and recovery.
  16. EngagingPlans: Information sharing and feedback forum for productive participation.
  17. Street Bump: Crowdsourcing application to improve public streets.
  18. Crowdfunding platform to promote local investment in improvement projects.
  19. TellUs Toolkit: Map-based tools for engagement and decision-making.
  20. Budget Simulator: Tool for educating about budget priorities and collecting feedback.
  21. CrowdHall: Interactive town halls meetings.
  22. Citizinvestor: Crowdfunding and civic engagement platform for local government projects.
  23. Open Town Hall: Online public comment forum for government.
  24. Shareabouts: Flexible tool for gathering public input on a map.
  25. Poll Everywhere: Collects audience responses in real time, live, or via the web.
  26. Tidepools: Collaborative mobile mapping platform for gathering and sharing hyperlocal information.
  27. Community PlanIt: Online game that makes planning playful, while collecting insight on community decisions.
  28. Open311: System for connecting citizens to government for reporting non-emergency issues.
  29. DialogueApp: Promotes dialogue to solve policy challenges with citizen input.
  30. Loomio: Online tool for collaborative decision-making.
  31. PlaceSpeak: Location-based community consultation platform.
  32. Citizen Budget: Involves residents in budgeting.
  33. e-Deliberation: Collaborative platform for large group decision-making.
  34. CrowdGauge: Open-source framework for building educational online games related to public priority setting.
  35. Citizen Space: Manage, publicize, and archive all public feedback activity.
  36. Zilino: Host deliberative online forums and facilitated participatory meetings.
  37. WeJit: Collaborative online decision-making, brainstorming, debating, prioritizing, and more.
  38. Ethelo Decisions: Framework for engagement, conflict resolution, and collective determination.
  39. Community Almanac: Contribute and collect stories about your community.
  40. GitHub: Connecting government employees with the public to collaborate on code, data, and policy.
  41. VividMaps: Engages citizens to map and promote local community assets.
  42. OSCity: Search, visualize, and combine data to gain insight on spatial planning. (EU only.)
  43. Civic Commons: Promoting conversations and connections that have the power to become informed, productive, collective #civic action.
  44. Crowdmap: Collaborative mapping.
  45. Codigital: Get input on important issues.
  46. All Our Ideas: Collect and prioritize ideas through a democratic, transparent, and efficient process.
  47. Neighborhow: Create useful how-to guides for the community.
  48. OurCommonPlace: A community web-platform for connecting neighbors.
  49. Front Porch Forum: A free community forum, helping neighbors connect.
  50. PrioritySpend: Prioritization tool based on valuing ideas and possible actions.