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There is an existing "To Do" list here at

It can be used to list more serious structural improvements to our wiki.

I propose to use this page for listing more concrete content tasks.

If you need more details, please write to michelsub2003 at yahoo dot com.

Your assistance is most appreciated.

Wish List

Priority Wishlist

Michel Bauwens:

  1. My most important wish is to find maintainers for each of the subject sections in our wiki. This entails: 1) adding entries on occasion; 2) porting the significant entries from the Encyclopedia by tagging them appropriately so they become listed in your own directory; 3) creating introductory material so new users can find their way in this subject domain and our resources on it.

Dante Monson:

  1. Create a open To Do Map

Task List

  1. Integrating the individual bios in our Who's Who with the Podcasts, Webcasts, and Interviews by the same individuals.
  2. Adding the tags at, and other significant tags by others, including yours, to the appropriate topical pages, so that people know where to go for updates, starting with the most popular sections and pages (which you can find under "Special Pages", then clicking on Popular Pages and Statistics).
  3. Adding Key Books to Read to the same subject pages, and linking them to Amazon, using our p2pfoundation account, so that it is both informative, and can create some funding.

Projects Undertaken