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See http://www.shareable.net/blog/how-to-share-time-through-timebanking


"a national nonprofit, just rolled out Community Weaver 2.0, which has more functionality than its predecessor versions of Timebank software, including features to keep your community abreast of events and announcements. All Timebanks under its umbrella are nodes of one system, rather that completely independent Timebanks. Community Weaver 2.0 allows you to produce transaction reports, which is great for grant writing and reporting statistics to validate your funding. Timebanks USA charges an ongoing fee based on membership size for their software and hosting and it is not open source. However, this is a good option for a group without tech help to maintain the site, and where some grant funding is available or the community members can afford small membership fees. They provide an array of trainings at a moderate cost regardless of which software you use, which is helpful since starting a timebank can require a steep learning curve. However, a large national organization providing a one size fits all software, doesn’t necessarily fit all communities, which is why some groups make their own software or fork from an open source code base." (http://shareable.net/blog/just-in-time)

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