The European Association of Cooperative Banks

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Founded in 1970, the European Association of Co-operative Banks (EACB) is a leading professional lobbying association in the European credit industry. The EACB represents the common interests of co-operative banks and acts as their official spokesperson towards the European institutions.

The EACB defends the commons interests of 28 member institutions and of the cooperative banks in general. Cooperative banks form a decentralized network which are subject to banking as well as cooperative legislation. Within 4,200 locally operating banks, 160 million customers and 50 million members and an average market share of 20% cooperative banks are widely represented throughout the enlarged European Union, playing a major role in the economic system based on a long term approach.

P2P and The EACB

Not every cooperative bank demonstrates P2P principles, and yet the very foundation of cooperative banking is qualitatively different than the alternative in 'normal' corporate banking.

The EACB has a number of interesting documents on their site discussing various aspects of cooperative banking. You can find these at: . In the future as P2P ventures better define their positions with regard to common market practices it will be possible to benefit from the open publication of the position papers on this and other cooperative sites so as to better understand the place of P2P work.